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Hot or Not Jobs: What’s Trending for Interactive

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Since we’re always getting asked this question, we reached out to our stellar Vitamin T agents to find out the hottest jobs they’re working on RIGHT NOW. We knew you’d appreciate a timely snapshot, what with interactive trends changes so quickly and all!

It’s tough enough just to remember which version of Adobe Creative Suite we’re on, right? Are you with me? (Okay, 6 isn’t such a high number, I know...)

Here are the stunning results of our super-scientific, one-question query:
“What's the hottest creative job you're working on this week?”

It’s no surprise that UX design jobs are in high demand (and certainly considered “hot”), but you may be surprised that some of our very hottest jobs are in Front End Development! That’s right, the fine folks behind the digital “curtain” have lots of work opportunities right now. 

With emphasis on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript skills, these roles fill the ever-important need that all websites have: they make the site actually work. They’re also commonly used to create a mobile-friendly site, it’s no wonder the demand is high. Speaking of mobile, no one’s counting out the Mobile App (heck, we just made one ourselves!), coming in third on our survey.

Following Mobile App Development are the tried and true roles we love: Art Direction and Copywriting, the dynamic duo that makes sites those effective sites we all love (did we tell you we were up for Webby? Of course we did. Well, we have these folks to thank).

Last but not least on the hot list are Content Strategists. Also not a shocker, since making a full-blown website fit (effectively) on a tiny screen is not as easy as it seems.

So there you have it, The Week in Interactive.

If you’re seeing anything else out in the world, be sure to let us know!

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