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Holy Cow! Vitamin T Celebrates Cow Appreciation Day


You don’t have to become a vegetarian, vegan, or even a pescatarian to take part in Cow Appreciation Day. (Though the cows would probably feel a lot less nervous if you were.)

This week our Los Angeles, Portland, and Austin offices joined in the bovine bacchanalia by throwing luaus to appreciate our very own cow, Vera Twang.

There are so many reasons to love her...

  • She’s a holstein, which people love.
  • She’s got udders, funny.
  • No horns, bonus.

And if she could eat, she’d only eat plants, not other mammals, so that whole mad cow disease thing isn’t really an issue. Plus, she loves Talent Bridge like no one else, and who better than a cow to illustrate how much time and money a company can save by hiring creatives on a temp-to-hire basis.

What’s not to appreciate?

Feel free to join in the fun by sending your own Cow Appreciation photo to our Digital Zookeeper, Tiffany. She'll post you up on our Facebook page.

Just be sure not to mention that it’s also National Ice Cream Day. We haven’t told Vera, because we’re not quite sure how she’d take it.


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