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Hello, Gorgeous!


At Vitamin T, we’re more than just a creative staffing agency. We want to make our clients feel good, look good, and even have a little bit of fun during the 9-to-5.

Over the last few months, we’ve been stopping by our clients’ offices with a pop-up photo studio (and in some cities, a super-cool headshotmobile!), offering free headshots to anyone in need of an updated photo for LinkedIn, their company’s website, or that itty-bitty picture that shows up in your email inbox.  

With help from our friends at The Headshot Truck, we’ve now photographed over 360 people working at awesome companies in 7 cities, with even more coming soon. Get a behind-the-scenes look at all the fun we’ve been having helping our clients’ headshots go from outdated to out-of-this-world.  

Want to learn more about all the outside-the-box things we love to do for our clients? Contact Vitamin T today.

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