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Happy Birthday, Vitamin T! A Note of Thanks.


I realize that anniversaries are most important to those celebrating, but as we enjoy our 7th anniversary as a proud Aquent brand, Vitamin T has a lot to be thankful for, so we’re here to share our enthusiasm and say THANKS!!

To our amazing Talent, who fearlessly jump into exciting work opportunities that make our client partners look like rockstars: THANK YOU! Your trust in us with your career is much appreciated, and we look forward to finding even more ways to help you learn and grow!

Over the past year, here are just a few things we’ve achieved with your help:

  • At Gymnasium, our free online training program, our entire course catalog has been played over 120,000 times, there have been 11,716 new user registrations and 16,383 new enrollments, helping thousands of Talent increase their skills.
  • We managed to keep healthcare premiums in check and continue to subsidize their costs for every hour our Talent work on assignment, retaining robust health benefits.
  • We enhanced and simplified our Talent portal, allowing Talent to easily share work preferences and availability and setup Job Alerts that feed new jobs their way.
  • We won a Best of Staffing Diamond Award from Inavero based on 5 years of exceptional customer service to Talent, thanks to your feedback!

To our illustrious Clients, who trust their business results to our ability to identify and match the best digital creative and marketing Talent to their hiring needs: THANK YOU!

Over the past year, here are just a few things we’ve done to help make your job easier:

  • Launched a Talent Management System (MyAquent), with client feedback, to consolidate the complete hiring process, from submittal to interview to hire and beyond, including the ability to build proactive Talent Pools for future needs.
  • Expanded our service offerings into the Marketing Technology realm to further support our clients through radical Digital Transformations, including a hiring guide.
  • Added industry experts to our Independent Assessment program where real practitioners interview and assess our Front End Development, UX and Digital Marketing Talent, adding hiring insights to improve our match-making ability.
  • We won a Best of Staffing Diamond Award from Inavero based on 5 years of exceptional customer service to Clients, thanks to your feedback!

And to our INCREDIBLE staff, who work tirelessly every day to improve the lives of our Talent AND our Clients: THANK YOU MUCHO! Without you, we have no opportunities for our Talent and no amazing Talent for our clients. Your resourceful, human approach to solving problems and genuine care for people makes Vitamin T a wonderful place to be!


Over the next 7 years we intend to continue our commitment to improving the lives (and livelihoods) of our customers, finding better ways to make matches that create meaningful work opportunities for our Talent and solve mission critical issues for our Clients.

Speaking of which, I gotta get back to work!


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