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Great Tips From a UX Pro


Frank N.
UX/UI Designer

With 13 years of experience in UX and design, Frank has worked on projects at shops like Tribal Worldwide  and Relish Interactive (and now his own shop)  for just about every industry imaginable: education, banking, media, sports, government... You name it, he’s worked in it!

We’re super happy he took the time out of his busy schedule to pass along his thoughts about the benefits of great UX and tips for anyone looking to improve the user experience of their site.

What UX project are you working on now?

I’m working on a website design for a fashion designer. Their current site lacks strategy, including branding to target their audience. By developing a content strategy and leveraging design and user experience to better position the brand, I’m able to help speak to her audience and give them something they want/need.

When making recommendations to improve a product or service, how do get management buy-in?

Buy-in only happens when you present management with clear goals intended to give a great user experience. By pointing out that those goals are nearly impossible to reach using the current system, it's a lot easier to say “yes” to a new idea.

In your experience, what are the benefits of great UX?

I think there are three primary benefits of great UX: delighting the user, creating less user frustration, and making it seem that there isn’t a UI.

When thinking about mobile, what are you most excited about?

Mobile is great because the context of the information totally changes. Users can be in a coffee shop, grocery shopping, or really anywhere. This presents us with exciting ways of getting content to them on a smaller screen and ways for us to explore innovation tied to those devices, such as using the phone's camera for things other than taking selfies!

Which skill do you admire most in a UX talent?

Listening is the most important skill, hands down. If you do not understand the client’s problem, their goals, or their audience, the project and solution will be misguided and will likely not hit the mark.

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a UX professional?

Content is tough. Because we now design for various screens, content has to be displayed differently and be both meaningful and useful to each screen size.

What's your best tip for someone trying to improve the UX of their site?

That’s simple: focus on the main actions you want users to take, then make sure those actions are both simple to perform and clearly spelled out to the user.

Thanks again to Frank for all the great info!

Looking for more tips and tricks in the world of UX? We’ve got you covered!

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