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Great Free Resources for Website Building Newbies


We’re always more than happy to pass along web classes from our very own—and very free—Aquent Gymnasium, like Coding for Designers and Responsive Web Design.

Which is fine if you’re a designer or have decent front end development chops. But what if you want to create a site to showcase your fabulous collection of 18th century antique doorknobs, but don’t know ASCII from a hole in the ground?

Hey, we’ve got just the place for you.

First Site Guide is a free online resource created by a team of self-proclaimed web geeks hell bent on making it easy to learn how to create and host websites. Even for collectors of doorknobs. (Not that we’re judging.)

Their site is jam packed with everything you’ll need to get your learn on: tool comparisons, online guides like How To Register A Domain Name and How to Use Wordpress, video tutorials, interviews, reviews.... pretty much everything you’ll need to get started.

Maybe a little too much. Be careful or you’ll never get around to actually creating anything.

Hey, it’s perfectly priced at free, so what have you got to lose? First Site Guide.

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