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Vitamin T Vitamin T New Community Site for Designers


We’ve got a new partner! (And you know how very excited we get about our partners...) is our brand new ally in the never-ending quest to make the Internet a better, more delightful place.

And they have big plans: to become the career site for the web and interactive design community.

We like big plans as much as we like partners.

They’re looking pretty sweet right out of the gate (they’re not even a month into their soft launch) with a nice cache of interviews, tutorials, software reviews, and a bevvy of blog posts on development, design, and the design business.

And our own Kelly Moeller is a featured writer whose posts are part of that bevvy!

(BTW, if you’re interested in unleashing your design-related thoughts upon the world, they’re still looking to add a few good bloggers to their roster.)

In fact, our president is on the Advisory Board. Yes, we are that committed to helping them succeed. So check out the site and let them know what you think.

If you’re looking for a place to hang out and interact (virtually) with fellow creatives, you should definitely give it a spin. So get out there and network!

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