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Grab $10K to Make a Nonprofit Smile (and You Too)


Think of this blog post as the friendliest and most informative alert you’ve ever gotten. Why? Because we’re letting you know the deadline has been extended until May 29 for our 2020 Designing for Good competition, where you could win $10,000 to create something amazing for your favorite nonprofit. In this time of a global pandemic, many organizations are overwhelmed and could use your design, writing, UX, or dev help. Plus, it’s your chance to make your passion project a reality. 

Curious about what other people have done and for which organizations? Read on because we get the scoop from two of our 2019 winners. (Hear from three more winners from last year here.)

Once you’re sufficiently inspired, all you have to do is submit a 90-second video telling us how you’d help your nonprofit by May 29. (We’re saying it again because we don’t want you to miss it! Told you this was a friendly alert.) Get ready to make a real difference!

Hungry for an even better way to feed those in need

Timon Sotiropoulos introduced us to Open Table, an organization in Melbourne, Australia which “rescues” food from supermarkets and restaurants to cook lunches for those in need. The entire program runs on the generosity of volunteers who round up the surplus food, cook it, and host the meals in an open and inclusive environment for the community to connect.

Typically there are about 50 volunteers serving 500 people, and Timon’s idea was to use his UX prowess to create a volunteer management system to reduce admin time and also provide analytical data and reporting. 

How did he do? His solution formalized Open Table’s systems and processes across multiple lunch programs. Events Coordinators can now input data, such as volunteers’ shift times as well as the locations donating surplus food. The latter is particularly helpful Timon tells us “because it connects Open Table back to the community, which will likely increase their funding opportunities.” 

Timon essentially created a nearly fully automated volunteer management system. And the best part, he says is that “it creates an infrastructure for Open Table to build and scale from. They could receive a substantial additional grant because of its existence.”


Bringing visibility to the underrepresented

The Visible Alliance provides free creative services to organizations dedicated to helping indigenous and people of color, LBTQ, immigrants, refugees, and often overlooked communities and causes. It’s near and dear to Cara Ungar’s heart, and she wanted to help them develop a creative services guide so other organizations would understand how to plan, budget for, and sell their board of directors on the importance of design and branding.

Not only did they design, print, and distribute the guide, but they also used the money for two other projects. Cara tells us, “We developed three new resources to facilitate pro bono creative work, strengthen our processes and systems, and increase project success rates.”

They were able to create a resources section on the Visible website, which provided a place to house volunteer education materials. And they developed two orientations, one for the volunteers themselves and one for the clients to know what to expect. “Your support made it possible for Visible to achieve 100% of their systems-building goals this year!” Cara says, “We couldn’t have completed this work without you.” 


Who will you help?

There are so many amazing nonprofits out there and what better time for positivity and optimism than right now! If you need some thought starters, check out and We’d love to put your creative talents to work for a great cause. Remember, all you need to do is submit your video by May 29!

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