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Get the September Desktop Wallpaper From Our 2017 Talent Calendar


Labor Day means many things: the end of summer, a moratorium on white clothing, and of course, the release of another downloadable desktop wallpaper from our 2017 Talent Calendar.

To celebrate September, we’re featuring Matt Olson’s vibrant mixed media piece, “Leonard Bernstein.”

It’s got a bit of everything: fall colors, a calendar, and, well, Leonard Bernstein. What’s not to love?

Download a .zip file of September's image for your desktop

Matt Olson - Silicon Valley - Leonard_Bernstein

Matt told us all his paintings are structured like onions, with many layers built on top of each other. For his winning entry, he began with a photo of the composer/conductor which he deconstructed into multiple layers of black and white imagery using photo software.

His experience as both a graphic designer and photographer really shine through in his technique: each photo layer is cut by a commercial plotter (traditionally used for commercial graphics) or by hand, then each of those is used to create stencils for applying color. His pieces are output using a high end commercial printer with a few finishing touches applied by hand.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the finished product is stunning.

His artwork has captured personalities such as Johnny Cash, John Lennon, and Barack Obama. In fact, his pre-election portrait of Obama was selected to represent the South Carolina Democratic Party during the 2008 presidential campaign. (It also helped raise $10,000 for the campaign effort.)

We’re ecstatic that Matt let us feature his work in our 2017 calendar.

Speaking of which, do you have an amazing piece of art you’d like to share with the world?

Our 2018 Talent Calendar Call for Entries is running until September 25, 2017. Enter at our Talent Calendar website!

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