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Get the September Desktop Wallpaper from Our 2016 Talent Calendar


Autumn is in the air!

Which means it’s time to dress your desktop in something a bit warmer. Say our new downloadable wallpaper.

For September we’re featuring artwork created by London talent Jo Moolenschot.

Download the .zip file of our September artwork

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Jo’s strong European roots eventually led her to the UK, where she works as a creative retoucher, photographer, and artist (working in photomanipulation, digital art and watercolors).

A citizen of both countries, she considers herself British South African, an idea that deeply influenced her winning artwork, “Dual Nationality.”

“My inspiration for this piece came from my intense interest in the concept of identity: what we feel makes up our identity and also with what in the world we identify be it culture, music, art, a particular environment, language, tradition and so on. What makes up who we are and how do we portray or communicate our identity to the world?”

Jo_Moolenschot_Identity_Dual Nationality_Flat_inside

The silhouette itself is a self portrait and inside the piece is an overlap of two images: Cape Town’s famous Table Mountain and the Thames River bankside (where you can see St. Paul’s Cathedral). All photographs were taken by Jo.

She finds inspiration for her artwork in people and their stories, music, comic books/graphic novels, French Impressionism, digital painting, and her own life experiences (which we find pretty inspirational as well.)

Thanks to Jo for her addition to our calendar and for letting us hear her amazing story!

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