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Get the October Desktop Wallpaper From Our 2017 Talent Calendar


Ahhhhhhhh....ctober. Finally!

Our Call for Entries for our 2018 Talent Calendar has finally closed and now we’re busily choosing the artwork. (And believe us, there’s a lot of great work to choose from!) But we’re not letting that distract us from sharing the amazing pieces from our 2017 calendar. No sirree.

Check out October’s work, “House of Parliament” by our talent Natsumi Tsuchida.

We think it’s the perfect change of scenery for your desktop and just the thing to keep you distracted from that Halloween candy over at the reception area. (If you have a reception area, you’ll know what we’re talking about).

Download a .zip file of October's image for your desktop

Natsumi Tsuchida - Tokyo - 国会議事堂

Natsumi explained to us his artwork was part of a series he created for a personal exhibition back in 2015. His exploratory theme was “Buses and the Scenery of Tokyo.” After searching through Google Images and spending a full day scouting out the city’s iconic Parliamentary Building, he was finally able to choose just the right angle to capture the city and architecture. The piece took him a little over a two weeks to complete while working on his other design projects.

An illustrator and digital designer who has been sketching since childhood, surprisingly Natsumi majored in literature in college and started his out his career as a system engineer. It was only after he’d been working for a few years that he decided to switch gears to attend art school in Tokyo. A choice he’s never regretted.

For his artwork, he told us his preference is to draw solely in black ink, with few colors. “For me, the fewer colors the better, because it forces you to imagine more and I think that’s exciting. I also like sketching scenery with electric cables. I think the black cables bring a nostalgic atmosphere to the artwork. I held an exhibition of illustrations with electric cables as the theme, only using one or two colors. It’s something I’d like to explore more in the future.”

As an inspiration he credits Hasui Kawase. Natsumi said actually he hadn’t discovered the legendary landscape artist until he began sketching scenery himself. “His work is simple, yet dynamic. It’s my aspiration to be able to sketch like him.”

Many thanks to Natsumi for his wonderful piece and to everyone who contributed their artwork for consideration for our 2018 calendar!

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