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Get the October Desktop Wallpaper from Our 2016 Talent Calendar


October’s here, so say “Hello, Dali!”

Sorry, we just couldn’t resist.

And neither should you!

This month’s vibrant desktop wallpaper download from our 2016 talent calendar is Lori Ors’ “Dali Pop.” Just the perfect artwork for decorating your screen this October or—if you have a projector—the outside of your apartment, house, or condo.

Download the .zip file of our October artwork

Born and raised right outside Atlanta, Georgia, Lori is a graphic designer, illustrator and painter who has worked with Spanx, Atlanta Magazine, FORE Georgia, Mosaic, and TAPS Paramag (Syfy's Ghost Hunter magazine), just to mention a smattering.

For this piece, Lori wanted to saturate everyone’s favorite surrealist in many different hues and create shadows and light with a wide array of colors and tones to make to make Dali's profile even more striking.


Lori finds her inspiration in any artist who sees the world in bright colors, like herself. A creative who, in her words, is, “a mixer-matcher, a free spirit, with a unique eye.”

If you love her work and want to check out more, be sure to see her Bright Meets Clever site.

Thanks to Lori and, of course, all our calendar artists for their amazing work!

Our 2017 calendar isn’t far away....

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