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Get the March Desktop Wallpaper From Our 2017 Talent Calendar


2017 Marches on!

And with that bad pun, we want to kick of the month by presenting you with our stunning downloadable desktop wallpaper for March, “Wonderland.”

Download a .zip file of March’s image

Created by Austin, Texas creative Alena Ilchenko, it’s a piece that was inspired by her own dreams and ambitions.

“At that moment in my life, one of my goals seemed completely unachievable, as if it was only possible in a different world. Trying to come up with a solution, I thought of this ‘different world’ as an inspiration for a drawing and decided to put it on paper. The end result was ‘Wonderland’”.

Alena Ilchenko_Wonderland_fixed
When we asked her how long the work took to complete, she laughed while giving the answer.

“Luckily, this specific project only took me about 3 hours, as I had the whole idea formulated, and I knew exactly what I wanted to express. But I have to say, I'm a perfectionist, spending a lot of time making sure every little detail is nothing short of exact. Yet, I don't consider this personal trait as a positive thing, as I've destroyed some of my best work trying to perfect some of the tiniest details. It might be tough at times to stop yourself when you have the creative freedom; however, it’s an absolute necessity!”

Alena credits her parents (highly!) for nurturing her artistic spirit. She attended an arts school where she started her lifelong passion for drawing and spent hours with paint and pencils in pure bliss.

Now a working professional dealing mostly in the world of pixels, she still loves painting as a way of relaxation and a way to trust her instincts and bring her life to ideas.

We’d like to thank Alena for sharing her story and her piece with us for our Talent Calendar.

Feel free to download a copy and enjoy it all March!

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