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Get the June Desktop Wallpaper From Our 2017 Talent Calendar


A day at the beach in June? Hot dog!

Yes, it’s time for another downloadable desktop wallpaper from our 2017 Talent Calendar. This time it’s the adorable “Pug with Beach Stripes” by our talent Carl Conway. 

Download a .zip file of June's image for your desktop

Carl has the honor of being the only artist to have three of his pieces featured in our calendars: in 2015, 2016, and 2017!

Quite a feat, considering the hundreds of submissions we get each year.

CarlConway - London - Pug_at_the_Beach 

Carl’s inspiration for “Pug” came from a recent visit to Perranporth Beach in Cornwall last summer.

“I have been visiting this beach for many years with my family. It's a popular beach with families who own dogs, but up until this summer I hadn't noticed how favoured the pug had become with many families, and it seemed that wherever you were on the beach there was always a pug lounging in the sand.

“Some would call them 'ugly' and some call them 'loveable' or 'cute', but either way they are full of character and personality. This was the real reason behind the portrait, to capture their expression and character enhanced with a brightly coloured wind-breaker to represent the beach.”

Whatever your opinion on pugs, it is darn cute.

He told us “Pug” was created similarly to his previous calendar artwork “Polar Prayer”: “The linework was drawn with a black fine liner on cartridge paper to retain a texture to the line. It was then scanned and taken into Photoshop where it was coloured-up using various digital brushes, taking about a day and a half to complete.”

If you love his work—and need more than a download for your desktop—be sure to check out his illustration website which has links to buy pieces in a variety of formats.

(Of course, if you want him for something bigger, we do represent him, so give us a call!)

Congrats again to Carl on his Talent Calendar hat trick.

Keep an eye out for our Call for Submissions for the 2018 calendar!

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