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Get the June Desktop Wallpaper from our 2016 Talent Calendar


The heat is on!

We think there’s no better way to cool off (cool up?) your workspace than by using Mark Conlan’s “The Falls” as your June desktop wallpaper.

Yup, the new desktop wallpaper download from our 2016 calendar is here!

Download the .zip file of June's artwork

The Ireland-born artist, now transplanted to Melbourne, told us he was inspired to create his piece after a long trip down the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

“It was my first time down there and I’d seen some beautiful sites along the way including a fantastic waterfall. Most of my illustrations are figurative, so I combined the waterfall and my figurative style along with some subtle humour.”


To create this illustration he used Photoshop and his trusty Wacom Cintiq 13HD tablet, which he swears he cannot live without. Plus, of course, about 5 hours of his time.

Mark says there are so many talented artists who inspire him, but his current two favourite Illustrators would have to be China’s Lisk Feng and France’s Anne Laval.

“The execution of their subject matter is so eye catching and ever so beautiful.”

We could say the same of Mark’s work.

Thanks once again to all the talented artists who contributed work to our 2016 calendar!

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