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Get the April Desktop Wallpaper From Our 2017 Talent Calendar


April showers bring—according to this month’s calendar download—fantastic kayaking.

We’re happy to present you with another awesome downloadable desktop wallpaper from our 2017 Talent Calendar, “Kayaking Down the River.”

Download a .zip file of April's image for your desktop

Created by California designer, Deanna Benson, it’s the perfect thing to keep you inspired all month long. And, of course, get you excited for our 2018 Calendar Call for Entries this summer.

DeannaBenson - Orange County - Kayaking_Down_the_River

A graphic designer by trade, Deanna credits her father as her inspiration for getting into art. One of my first memories was watching my Dad oil paint. He wouldn’t tell me what he was painting. Always keeping me guessing. What I thought would be a rainbow turned into a California mission, while bears turned into the cliffs on a seascape. I could watch him for hours, morphing my child-like imagination into his realistic paintings.”

Deanna told us her winning piece took about a day to complete. As with much of her work, she started with a rough sketch which she took into Adobe Illustrator and then into Photoshop for the final details.

When we asked how she got into illustration, she answered, “As a graphic designer I began drawing out of a necessity to find graphic elements that were hard to find on stock sites. I then began to sell those illustrations on stock sites. Now I care less about generating income and more about gaining skills as an illustrator and being able to express an idea in a more powerful way than with words.”

Our kudos to Deanna for a job well done!

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