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How to Get Real-World Feedback on Freelancers


Hey, we’re seeing stars! And you will, too.

We’d like to introduce our latest hiring innovation, called (quite simply): Reviews.

Reviews lets our clients view actual feedback from previous hiring managers about our talent’s performance. These real-world reviews let you know if that “great on paper” front end developer is really a 5-star freelancer. It’s the only way to get real life, real time data on a candidate before you decide to hire.

Sure we could go on and on, but why don’t we let our president show you how it works!

Still have questions how it works? Check out these frequently asked questions:

Are you guys for real? Heck yeah! We’ve been collecting client reviews of our talent for over 30 years and sharing that with our clients (over the phone, via fax, on stone tablets, etc.). This is just the next step in that evolution.

Why in the heck are you guys doing this? We’re committed to being advocates for our talent. This is another way we can wow our clients with the great things they’re doing every day - and help more talent find work!

Do your clients HAVE to share their opinion about their Vitamin T talent? Nope. But they sure do. Our response rate has been immense, and we’ve gathered thousands of digital reviews in a short time (oh, and we capture more every month!)

Can people curse in reviews? Um, no.

Will every review of your talent be “rainbows and unicorns”? We wish. But that’s just not realistic, is it? These will be verbatim reviews from actual clients, warts and all. We aren’t even allowed to correct grammar. (Not that anyone ever asks us to.) That said, we work directly with clients and talent to understand what happened in the case of a “less-than-rainbow” experience and make sure feedback is fair and balanced.

What does it look like? A lot like this:


STILL have questions?

Holy smokes! You’re in luck. We can’t wait to talk more about it.

Please, please, please connect with us online or give your local Vitamin T office a call at (855) 848-8568.

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