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Get More Free Learning! Gymnasium jQuery Course


Have you been staring out the window, longing for a way to learn jQuery the super popular JavaScript library used by more than three-quarters of the top 10,000 websites?

Well, you may just be looking in the wrong direction. So we’ll help!

First, look back at your computer monitor.

Next, head over to Aquent Gymnasium, where we’ve just launched the course jQuery Building Blocks: 5 Ways to Cut Your Development Time in Half.

Co-created by longtime web and web app developer (and SproutCore team member) Dave Porter, the course consists of six lessons to teach you how to use jQuery to:

  • Create a variety of visual effects
  • Add complex, fully functional widgets (such as an image carousel) to a page
  • Work with and customize jQuery plug-ins
  • Handle “events”
  • Pull in data for use in a web page or application
  • Make your own Sriracha-style hot sauce

(We just put that last one there to see if you were still paying attention.)

We’ve mentioned a couple times that it’s completely free, so pop over to the Gymnasium site and enroll!

BTW, if you’ve never taken an Aquent Gymnasium course, you will be asked to register prior to enrolling. And don’t worry, no salesman will call.

And when you’ve learned all you can, come back and tell us how it went!

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