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Get January’s Desktop Wallpaper From Our 2016 Talent Calendar


Happy New Year!

To celebrate 2016—and the release of our brand new Talent Calendar, filled with images from our amazing talent—we’re making all the images downloadable as desktop wallpapers.

That’s right, we’ve taken our highly coveted annual calendar and created downloadable desktop backgrounds so that you can enjoy them digitally every single day of the year.

Download a .zip file of January’s image

We’ll be featuring new images every month, so be sure to subscribe so you can have a new free desktop wallpaper every month. (Right at the top of this page.)

January’s calendar artwork, created by UK designer Carl Conway, was inspired by his interest as well as his continued studies with the Open University and his BSC in Natural (Earth) Sciences.

“The ‘BBC Nature’ programs are a constant source of wonder and inspiration for illustration projects, and I never tire of watching them. They have inspired me to do an 'Endangered Species' series, of which 'Polar Prayer' is the first. I was moved by the plight of the polar bear and its struggle to survive in a habitat (Arctic sea ice) which is diminishing at an alarming rate due to the warming of the Arctic. Is there any hope for its survival or short term adaptation to living and surviving on land? Perhaps we can only pray for it and hope that this beautiful animal doesn't vanish...”

A graphic/digital designer currently working at a medical communications agency in South West London, Carl told us his line work was “initially done with a black Stabilo fineliner pen on cartridge, which was then scanned and coloured up in Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos pen tablet.”

We’re proud to feature Carl’s work in our calendar for the second year in a row and hope his work inspires you as much as it did us.

Here’s to a terrific 2016!

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