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Get In On the SXSW Action!

Source: H. Michael Karshis

It’s coming up faster than you think: South by Southwest is merely four weeks away!

If you’re going to be in Austin (Texas, that is) for the event, we suggest that you kick your planning into high gear now. With five days of presentations, there could well be over 1,000 sessions offered this year - which is a heck of a lot of ground to cover.

We’ll be there, of course (we’re right off the 4th Street entrance in Exhibit Hall 4), so you always have some friendly faces to say hi to, as well as pick up some of our trademark swag and advice on the interactive job market.

Remember, even if you aren’t attending SXSW, there’s still tons of opportunity to live stream the keynotes or watch presentations at a later time. (Which, by the way, is something people couldn’t do for SXSW 1886.)

Speaking of which, here’s a brief rundown of this year’s spectacular keynote speakers. Since there are far fewer than 1,000, it was a fairly easy list to compile.

Elon Musk: March 9
CEO of SpaceX, product architect at the all-electric Tesla Motors, and co-founder of PayPal, Elon could be what many would refer to as “an overachiever.” As the chief designer who oversees development of rockets and spacecrafts for missions to Earth's orbit, this guy could probably take up 5 sessions just by himself.

Tina Roth Eisenberg: March 10
Tina’s often referred to as swissmiss for good reason: she was raised in the mountains of Switzerland, loves Swiss design, and runs a blog by that name which gets a whopping 1.3 million unique visitors every month. She also runs a Brooklyn-based collaborative workspace called Studiomates and organizes a monthly lecture series called CreativeMornings (who we’ve partnered with in Toronto and Detroit). She’s said one of her keynotes topics will include how to turn a side projects into a career. That’s something we agree with - check out our tumblr with the Webby Awards to get warmed up.

Julie Uhrman: March 11
Game industry veteran and founder of OUYA Julie Uhrman will be interviewed by Joshua Topolsky, co-founder and founding editor in chief of the technology news network The Verge. OUYA, slated for release this March, is a $99 free-to-play game console built on Android and designed by Yves Behar. This is bound to be a fascinating discussion about the highs and lows of crowdfunding, open source, and startups.

Matthew Inman: March 12
Artist and author behind The Oatmeal, Matthew also launched two amazing crowdfunding campaigns in 2012: "Operation BearLove Good. Cancer Bad" (which hilariously turned a lawsuit into a fundraising campaign) and raised a whopping $1M in nine days to buy a laboratory formerly owned by Nikola Tesla (whose name has now come up twice in these keynotes. Coincidence?)

Stay tuned, we’ll be posting dates and times of some key events as well as our list of Must See Sessions at SXSW Interactive.

Wherever you are, we can guarantee you’ll have fun, even if you don’t have tickets, a hotel room, or end up with cramps from walking all around Austin.

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