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Get a $5,000 Design Grant to Help Your Favorite Cause


If you have a great idea how your design work can help the mission of your favorite nonprofit, you need to enter our Designing for Good program! 

That’s right, once again Aquent / Vitamin T will be awarding five, $5,000 grants to support design work for nonprofit organizations.

Entering is pretty simple. You just need to create a short, 90-second video explaining how you plan to help, then upload it to the Designing for Good site.

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out what these two grant winners from last year proposed and accomplished:

UX specialist and content strategist Melissa Eggleston used her grant money to help the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence to update their website, making it more user-friendly and less triggering to survivors of domestic violence. She was also able to create new educational materials and gain awareness for the nonprofit internationally.

Shelby Marshall helped the nonprofit Understanding Our Differences create a web page and video to help attract fundraisers for their new online curriculum, which promotes disability awareness in schools.

(You can actually see last year’s winners’ proposals here.)

Formulating a brilliant idea?

Submissions are due by December 5, 2017, so we encourage you to get over to the Designing for Good site soon to check out all the details and get cracking!

We look forward to seeing your video!

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