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Ask Kickers: Front End Developer Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire


When it comes to keeping your company’s website at the top of the digital food chain, the right front end developer is a crucial hire. A combination of UX, UI and coding, front end development dictates everything a user sees, hears, smells, tastes, clicks, or otherwise experiences when they visit your site. The best candidates are as tech-savvy as they are creative, which means that you have to ask a combination of technical and conceptual front end developer interview questions if you’re going to strike gold. Not only will the right questions make you look like a better boss, but they’ll give your candidate the opportunity to show you what they’re made of (aside from carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus).

Before you begin interviewing front-end developers, however, consider the following hiring tips. They can help you narrow down your options from the get-go so you don’t waste your precious front-end web developer interview questions on candidates who won’t appreciate them.

Three Front End Developer Hiring Tips You’ll Wish You Had Known Earlier

  1.     Do your homework. Before you start talking to front end developers, look at more websites than you’d probably care to and make a list of traits that a) you like and b) would be effective for your industry. The clearer you are about what you are looking for in a website, the better your chances of hiring the right front end developer for the job.
  2.     Get a personality check. If a front end developer is unwilling to consider your input or communicate, it may not matter how talented they are. As awkward and time-consuming as it can potentially be, reach out to their references to determine if personalities will align. Ask about the candidate’s communication skills and whether their references would want to work with them again.
  3.     Keep your money on your mind like Snoop. Make sure you have a realistic budget for the scope of your project. Decide how much moolah you’re willing – and able – to spend before beginning the hiring process.

Five Front End Developer Interview Questions You Should Ask No Matter What

  1.     How would you distinguish front end development from UX and UI development?

Generally speaking, the difference between UX and UI development and front end development is the difference between design and implementation. UX and UI development tends to focus on the human side of the design process, which includes asking questions about user interaction as well as testing and evaluating post-implementation. You’ll want a front end developer who is able to communicate this distinction while accounting for the occasional overlap.

  1.     What do you like about our company’s website? What would you change?

Although this may be among the more popular UI developer interview questions, it works equally well for prospective front end developers by providing them with an opportunity to articulate their creative preferences and demonstrate their value. Fair warning: The ones who tell you they wouldn’t change a thing about your site are likely to be just as ineffectual as the ones who tell you they hate everything about it.

  1.     Can you describe your workflow when you create a web page?

The workflow of front end developers has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. While every candidate’s answer will be different, the better ones will mention tools for simplifying and automating complex or repetitive tasks to save you time and money. Use this as an opportunity to learn about their organizational habits and tech preferences – or lack thereof.

  1.     Which MVC do you use? What do you like or dislike about it?

MVCs, or model view controllers, are frequently used by front end developers as a way of organizing web applications and maintaining code. Some of the most well-known MVCs are Backbone.js and AngularJS. Candidates who can articulate why they use one MVC over another demonstrate that they are engaged in what they do, care about the technology they use, and have considered multiple options. Bonus: You’ll look like a total badass for knowing what an MVC is.

  1.     What are your favorite features of HTML5 and CSS3? What would you change about them?

Obviously, answers to this question will vary. What you’re looking for here is a familiarity with the latest features offered by these core technologies. Just beware of candidates who say they wouldn’t change anything about them. Any front end developer worth your consideration will have a gripe or two about HTML5 and CSS3!

Not only will these front end developer interview questions help you assess the pros and cons of your applicants in a timely manner, but they’ll provide the right candidates with plenty of opportunities to demonstrate that they’ve got the skills to pay the bills. Keep calm and interview on!

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