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Free Online Course: Coding for Designers (HTML/CSS)

We’ve officially launched Aquent and Vitamin T’s new (and exceptionally free) online learning initiative: Aquent Gymnasium!

Yup, we’d dropped hints before, showed up at Internet Week NY with a short class on Web fonts, and even hosted a free class last year, but here it is in all its glory!

Aquent Gymnasium is a series of MOOCs (that is, Massive Open Online Courses) we’ve created based on work with thousands of clients over the past 27 years and through recent focus groups, surveys, in-depth interviews, and clandestine meetings at coffee shops.

Our first offering, now open for registration, is Coding for Designers. We created it to help experienced designers who are looking to hone their web design skills and become “the designer developers love to work with.” (No small feat, mind you.)

Sound like you? Then sign up!

As we said, this is just the first of a myriad of classes we’ll be offering in the months, nay, years to come. We haven’t announced the complete roster, but if this sparked something in your gray matter, and you have already thought of classes we should be offering, let us know. Either add your thoughts in the comments section below, or by tweet them to us using the hashtag #AquentGymnasium.

Of course, if you know a designer who has been looking for a free intro class to HTML and CSS, please tell them about Aquent Gymnasium (it’s free to ALL). In fact, the more the merrier. That’s exactly what puts the “M” into “MOOC.”

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