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Free HTML5 Training for All from Vitamin T & Aquent


A lot of people finished off the Summer of Love with far fewer brain cells than when they started out.

It’ll be exactly the opposite for you when you join our Summer of Learning.

By the end of this summer you won’t just have all your brain cells, but they’ll now be able to kick some serious HTML5 butt.

Which means the likelihood of you waking up in Haight-Ashbury married to someone named Rainbow hovers right there around zero (unless that’s what you’re looking for - in which case, good luck!).

So, here’s the deal: If you are reading this, and you are not a web crawling robot, you can register for free HTML5 training we’re giving with our partner Creative Edge, no strings attached.

Here’s what you get access to all summer long:

  • An abundance of books and video demos from Creative Edge (see below for titles)
  • A weekly webinar with an expert instructor
  • Really fun assignments (okay, we can’t confirm that they’re fun, but they’re definitely assignments, which is the important part)
  • A custom online forum so you can interact with other folks in the training
  • An assessment of your skills! What better way to know how you measure up?

But wait, there’s more! After your brain cells are bursting at the seams, you will be:

  • One hundred times more marketable to hiring managers
  • More educated, thus worthy of more money on the open design market
  • Better adapted to thrive in the ever-evolving field of design

Hold on, there IS a catch: you’ve got to enroll from June 25th to July 18th.

And the Summer of Learning ends on August 19th.

Sorry. There’s always something.

But seriously, this is going to be huge. 1,200 people signed up the first day! This might start looking more like Woodstock than we planned.

Albeit, a better smelling one.

Sign up here!

And don’t keep it to yourself. Share the love with all your geeky interactive friends (you know who they are), so they can take advantage of the Summer of Learning, too!

Here is that list of books, videos, and HTML5 tutorials you'll get access to for the training:


  • HTML5 for Web Designers (Jeremy Keith)
  • HTML5 for Beginners Learn by Video
  • HTML5 and CSS3: Visual QuickStart Guide, Seventh Edition (Elizabeth
  • Castro and Bruce Hyslop)
  • Introducing HTML5, Second Edition (Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp)
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Video QuickStart Guide, 7th Edition, Online Video (Elizabeth Castro and Bruce Hyslop)


  • HTML5 24-Hour Trainer (text and video)
  • HTML5 Now: A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial for Getting Started Today
  • HTML5 Multimedia: Develop and Design
  • Bulletproof Web Design: Improving flexibility and protecting against worst-case scenarios with HTML5 and CSS3, Third Edition


  • HTML5 for Developers Live Lessons (video)
  • Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Core HTML5 Canvas: Graphics, Animation, and Game Development
  • The Web Designer’s Guide to iOS Apps: Create iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Apps with Web Standards (Kristofer Layon)
  • 3 O’Reilly videos:
    • OpenGL and 3D in HTML5
    • Client-side Graphics with HTML5 Canvases
    • Native Video with HTML5
  • Mobile First (Luke Wroblewski)
  • Responsive Web Design (Ethan Marcotte)

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