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Free HTML5 Class a Success!


We wanted to heartily thank everyone who participated in our first Summer of Learning extravaganza: that is our free HTML5 training with no strings attached.

We’re grateful that so many (10,000!!!) signed up to take advantage of the weekly webinars, free access to videos and books from our partner Creative Edge, our online forum, and assessments to see if they could put their new skills to work.

(Wondering what the heck we’re talking about? Read our blog post to get the full skinny.)

We’re also incredibly grateful to get emails like this:

“I loved [the instructor’s] humor, teaching method and pace. I updated my personal site to HTML5 last night. It wasn't the homework assignment, but my time is so limited when it comes to my personal projects. I had to think of the best way to put the lesson to use. I've been reading and watching the tutorials for a while now. HTML5 makes so much sense. I thought the webcast did a great job of highlighting the big points in such a brief period of time.

“I can't thank Aquent | VitaminT enough for getting my attention with great marketing and developing an outstanding space for learning. I feel inspired!”

And there are more where this one came from, but since this is a blog post (and you’re probably not interested in reading all our mail), we’ll stop at this really great one.

If you participated in the Summer of Learning, don’t forget that you can still subscribe with discounted pricing to Creative Edge’s full online collection of 8,000+ videos and books.

Even if you didn’t join in the HTML5 fun, you can still use the TSOL site for access to:

  • Recordings of the weekly webcasts
  • Our online learning platform
  • HTML5 assessments
  • Assignments
  • See the latest positions Vitamin T & Aquent are handling

The training was, obviously, a massive success, so don’t lose hope if you didn’t participate.

Our first Summer of Learning won’t be our last!

Speaking of which, now that we tackled HTML5, any thoughts on what you’d like to learn next to make yourself even more marketable? Our top researchers are on the case, but we’d love to hear from you. All ideas welcome!

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