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4 Reasons Why Your UX Investment Is Failing

Source: hans.gerwitz

Everyone knows that Good UX means Good Business, right? (If you answered “no”, please check out our “Are You a UX Statistic?” infographic to see a bevy of anxiety-producing facts such as, “68% of users give up because they think you don't care about them.”)

But even if you are investing in UX, it may not pay off, no matter how much time, money, and resources you’ve put into it. (Think of the Boeing Dreamliner 787, if you will.)

Which is why this post by Hilary Little at UX Magazine (reposted by Mashable) rings so true.

Here’s her list of UX team killers:

  1. You Hired the Wrong People
  2. You’re Not Letting the Right People Do Their Jobs
  3. UX Work Is Done in a Silo
  4. The UX Team Is Brought in Too Late

You should set aside at least an hour to read over the full post. Why? Well, she was kind and thorough enough to link to many other articles to help you overcome User Experience woes:

  • How to break down silos
  • Why your team needs to talk with and observe end-users before the design is finished
  • How to spot people who just add “UX” to their resumes because it’s a buzzword

A great read for sure.

Love UX? Don’t forget, we’ll be celebrating UX March Madness all month. All UX, all the time!

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