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5 Ways to Run Your UX Team Like Phil Jackson

Source: Keith Allison

Q: How is UX like a pro basketball team?

The answer is not...

A) Taller things attract more fans
B) Three is always the magic number *

The answer is actually:

C) People will only stay if everything’s working seamlessly

This recent blog post from the fine folks over at UX Magazine shows how to use the management lessons of Phil Jackson (arguably one of the best coaches in NBA history) to lead your a UX team.

Heck, if the guy can handle Dennis Rodman, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O'Neal, then he’s got some awesome management skills, wouldn’t you say?

And since it’s in the middle of March Madness we thought it apropos.

The quick take:

  1. Take indirect approaches to solve team chemistry issues
  2. Make everyone feel like they are part of the team
  3. Create situational leadership roles for all team members
  4. Strategize your approach around what the group lacks
  5. Teach them how to act when you’re not present

The full, ahem three-point take is over at the UX Magazine blog.

Speaking of March Madness, we’re still featuring all our best User Experience posts on our UX March Madness page. So if you’re thirsty for more UX goodness, then check it out!

(* three points, three clicks - get it?)

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