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5 Tough Questions to Ask Your CEO

Source: milos milosevic

The old saying goes that there are no stupid questions.

But ask your CEO any of the following and s/he may look at you as if you lost your mind.

  1. What is our company’s purpose on this earth?
  2. What should we stop doing?
  3. If we didn’t have an existing business, how could we best build a new one?
  4. Where is our petri dish?
  5. How can we make a better experiment?

Yet in a recent Co.Design post these are the very same questions innovation experts said companies should be asking themselves .

Experts like Jack Bergstrand of Brand Velocity and Tim Ogilvie of Peer Insight.

So the question is, are you gutsy enough to ask your CEO where your petri dish is?

Regardless, you should read the article to see the smart points about asking some seemingly stupid questions.

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