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5 Steps to Making Yourself An Irresistible Freelancer

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In our recent survey, we asked companies all over Europe what they look for when hiring creatives.

Then we turned their answers into an infographic so you could see exactly what’s on their mind.

Your next question might very well be, “Well that’s nice, but NOW what am I supposed to do next?”

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

We put together 5 steps you can take to look your absolute best to creative hiring managers.

1. Redo Your Resume / Charge Up Your CV.

We produced a video with 5 tips on creating a winning resume. Some of offices, including Vitamin T London, often hold resume or CV clinics. Just contact your local office to see when you can join in. (They’re free!)

2. Perfect Your Portfolio.

We put together 11 Tips for Creating a Winning Portfolio just for you. Collated from input by some pretty stellar creatives, it’ll give you the insider knowledge you need to give your portfolio go-go juice.

You can also check out the highlight reel of a recent portfolio review we hosted in conjunction with Internet Week Europe (IWE).

And read our Top 20 Tips to Give Your Portfolio Presentation the Wow Factor.

(As you can see, we’ve got lots to say about portfolios!)

3. Impress Your Interviewer.

Don’t let your fear of interviews get the best of you. Get some amazing interview tips from Vitamin T star Liz McBride in this short video as well as advice on what to do (and not do) after your interview. It’s the 1 mile rule!

4. Sharpen Your Skills.

100% of the hiring managers we surveyed said that they believe upskilling is important to keep creatives competitive.

There are so many places on and offline where you can learn new skills. For those of you who like FREE, there’s Coursera, Hack Design, and of course, our own Gymnasium.

Our brand new ‘Gym Shorts’ are each only an hour long. You can’t beat that if you’re pressed for time.

5. Gear Up Your Graduation.

If you are a recent graduate and want to get an internship or work experience placement, our partners over at Arts Thread have some some excellent tips to help boost your career search.

If you’re looking for more advice, feel free to get in get in touch with our local offices or chat with us at any of the many local events we sponsor!

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