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5 Hottest Social Media Shares for Digital Creatives: AUGUST 2012

Source: Rosaura Ochoa

With Twitter seeing 400 million tweets a day, Facebook hitting 500,000+ posted comments per day, and Instagram racking up over 1 billion photos in under a year and a half, keeping up on the hottest news in the digital world is really a job in itself.

Which is why we asked Tiffany, our Digital Zookeeper (who tweets in her sleep) to provide us with the top 5 trending topics among digital creatives. She was so excited about it, she volunteered to give us a monthly update!

So here are the hot topics for August, 5 reasons to stick with us and stay in the know.

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  2. 4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Online Portfolio (VIDEO)
  3. How To Create a Pure CSS Dropdown Menu
  4. The 20 Best iPhone Apps for Designers
  5. The Art Of Staying Up To Date

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