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The Five Hottest Creative Job Opportunities for Q3 2012

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Numbers, we’ve got numbers....

There’s a song in there somewhere.

After compiling our job placement data for the Q3, we’ve got a list of the 5 hottest creative job opportunities we’ve received from our clients.

Here they are, in ascending order:

5. Digital Marketing
4. Project Management
3. Content Development
2. Front End Development

And, numero uno:

1. Design + UX Design!


If you are, be even more surprised: a full 39 percent of ALL the jobs we saw last quarter were Design + UX Design, with Front End Development taking a strong second at 15 percent of all jobs.

And take a look at this: the growth rate for Q3 this year over last year was 50 percent for UX and 75 percent for Front End Development.

Some really good news is that the number of temp-to-hire roles we’ve seen have increased 75 percent year over year for the same period.

We think that’s fabulous because we’re such HUGE believers in freelancing to ensure a great fit before committing to a full-time role.

Even better, as the economy rebounds we believe we’re going to see even a bigger increase in temp-to-perm opportunities as budgets open up and companies and candidates seek their perfect match.

For salary information and more, click over to our official press release.

Are you seeing what we’re seeing? Or seeing something else entirely? Let us know!

And don’t feel bad if you don’t see your favorite job title on here.

We think all jobs are winners!

Want to know more about the jobs above? Check out our Quick Hire tool for job descriptions of the top five and more.

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