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5 Hot Creative Tweets & Shares You May Have Missed: July 2014


Some tweets are too big to miss. But miss them you might.

That’s why we have our Digital Zookeeper Tiffany list the Top 5 Social Shares every month, so you can keep up with what’s hot and forget what’s not.

Have a hot share everybody missed? Let us know in comments!

1. Infographic: How to Start a Successful Career as a Freelancer (via @designtaxi)

freelancer 1

2. If You're Doing Any of These 10 Things at Work You're Sending the Wrong Message (via @FastCompany)

fast co

3. How Fonts Affect the User Experience (via @sixrevisions)

0440-02 comical font

4. 27 AwesomelyCreative Motorcycle Helmet Designs (via @designbumped)


5. 5 Hot Design and Development Resources (July 2014)

image 10

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