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5 Great Design and Development Resources

Source: JD Hancock

It being Valentine’s Day and all, we thought it’d be the perfect time to share the love with you - that is in a totally HR-approved manner.

So, without further ado, we unveil our newest feature:

Digital Creative Resource Roundup!

Once a month we’ll showcase a brand new batch of amazing resources for you to use for all your web design, graphic design, web development, etc., etc. projects.

Best of all, each of these offerings are gluten and calorie free!

Dig in!


Find fonts by their appearance, name, similarity, picture, designer/publisher, and more! One use and you’ll know why it’s so fontastic. (Sorry.)

Fake images please?

Fake Images Please 2

A great tool for grabbing placeholder images into a site, so you don’t have to create dummy images for your mockup or wireframe. It’s free and open source. (Big plus: it has a hilarious name.)

Over API


Crib notes (or cheat sheets, if you will) for most of the big player scripting languages - ordered depending on the function.


Shrink PNG

Upload a PNG file and TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce your file sizes. Smaller files translate to faster loading web pages. (We’re not sure what a panda or bamboo has to do with .png files. Let us know if you do.)

Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge 2

Edge Animate is a motion and interaction tool for creating content using HTML, JavaScript,  and CSS. It’s included along with a Creative Cloud membership (which means it’s not necessarily free.)

Have any resources to share with your fellow creatives? Just let us know and we’ll include them next month.


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