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5 Essential Lessons from Buffer’s UX and Design Mistakes

Source: doobybrain

When he thought of the perfect idea to build a smarter way to post to social networks, Buffer founder Joel Gascoigne started doing what he always did: started coding immediately.

But after some thought, he switched directions and instead created a landing page for his application, even though the product didn’t exist, so he could gauge interest.

Which is how his company came up with the primary product development principles for their company (and their first design lesson):

  • Validate first, code later

Over at Six Revisions Leo Widrich and Tom Moor, also co-founders of Buffer, share their story and the biggest UX and Design lessons learned in their journey toward 500,000 paying customers.

  1. User Flows Should Focus on Retention, Not Revenue
  2. Social Sign-in is Better Than Email Sign-in
  3. Test All of Your Assumptions Early
  4. Be Clear with User Interface Labels
  5. Everything Is a Hypothesis That Needs to be Validated

Be sure to read the whole post as well as the comments!

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