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5 Best Design and Dev Resource Lists for 2013


Since we’re nearing the end of 2013, we thought we’d put together a list of lists, that is a list of our favorite design and development lists.

It’s a great time of year to see what won and what “also-ran.”

Careful though, there’s a LOT of information here!

Flatui Kit

1. Best Free PSDs of 2013

The WDL team went back through all the UI PSDs they’d covered in 2013 and hand-picked the standouts to reshare.


2. 60 Top jQuery Plugins of 2013

We’ve showcased a few of these ourselves this year, but wow, 60 jQuery Plugins? DesignBeep put together an impressive list to say the very least.

50 CSS Tools Resources from 2013

3. 50 CSS Tools & Resources from 2013

It was a fantastic year for CSS and Speckyboy chose to celebrate it by sharing their favorite resources, frameworks, UI kits, and handy tools with the world. If that’s not in the spirit of the season, we don’t know what is.

fonts best 2013

4. The best fonts of 2013

This list is an argument waiting to happen. Going to a dull party? Find a designer and show them this site. It’s bound to liven things up a bit. Weigh in as WebDesignerDepot ranks their top picks for each month of this year (1st, 2nd, Runner-Up). We imagine their offices weren’t so quiet during this task, either.

Bossie Awards

5. The Bossie Awards 2013: The Best Open Source Application Development Tools

Not a lot of surprising picks up top (Node.js, Bootstrap), but with 30 awards given out, you’re bound to see some new tools chosen by the team at InfoWorld that you may have missed.

That should keep everyone busy for the rest of 2013, right?

See you in 2014!

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