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15 Tell-Tale Signs You Work in UX


This post from UserCentric was so good (and true) we couldn’t help but share.

The 15 Tell-Tale Signs That You Work in UX

    • You’re totally comfortable around one-way mirrors.
    • Redesigning a call center application sounds like fun to you.
    • Your spice rack is organized by frequency of use and is within arms-reach of the stove top.
    • You enjoy responding to questions with questions.
    • You wear a point-of-view camera when you go to the supermarket.
    • You take time to explain signage and labeling shortcomings to store clerks and airport attendants.
    • You rage at ambiguously designed traffic signals.
    • You actually read the manuals of things you buy, but only to look for errors and mistakes.
    • You can’t use any interactive device without analyzing its interface.
    • You still cannot explain your job in one sentence to your grandma.
    • To you, card sorting is not a poker trick.
    • You are immediately tempted to write an expert review whenever confronted with a weird check-out process.
    • Your mom is a persona.
    • A horrible user experience causes you physical pain.
    • You encounter online surveys while browsing the web and automatically start making screenshots.

Hats off to GfK User Centric and GfK SirValUse for creating this spot-on list.

Did they miss anything?

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