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8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees (Or What The Boss Really Wants)

Source: laRuth

When you’re trying to figure out what someone really wants, you really have to “walk a mile in their shoes.” (An expression we believe to be the first evidence of UX, by the way.)

Which is what makes this Inc. Magazine article so danged interesting.

Want to know what your boss wants to see in an exceptional employee? Just ask. Or read as the case may be.

Jeff Hayden outlines what he calls, “easily defined—but hard to find—qualities:”

  1. They ignore job descriptions
  2. They’re eccentric...
  3. But they know when to dial it back
  4. They publicly praise...
  5. And they privately complain
  6. They speak when others won’t
  7. They like to prove others wrong
  8. They’re always fiddling (but in a good way)

Everyone, from founders and CEOs to principals and regular folks have weighed in on the commentary (about 150+ more).

What do you think? Are these qualities something that’ll get you moved up quick or moved out the door?

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