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Educate Yourself in Under an Hour


“Who learns from short shorts? We learn from short shorts...”

Okay, bad song parodies aside, we’re excited to announce three new, extremely bite-sized courses are now available from Aquent Gymnasium.

Each one takes only one hour to complete.

You’ve probably waited in line longer for a latte, right?

  • Time Estimation and Management for Web Professionals
  • Introducing Node.js
  • Grid Layout in Bootstrap 3.0

Take one. Or two. Heck, take all three. No matter how many you take there are:

No quizzes. No homework. No water breaks (unless you’re thirsty, but that’s up to you).

Just one hour (each) of pure, unadulterated learnin’.

Best of all, you can pop over to the Aquent Gymnasium site to start right now.

How’s that for quick?

Happy learning!

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