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Downtown Dallas Adjusts to a More Remote Workforce

Aquent/Vitamin T looked at how it was spending its money and decided to reinvest back into the company.

– Chelsey Hasha Hershey / Regional Director, Aquent/Vitamin T

As part of its plans to adopt a remote work policy for all of its employees, Aquent/Vitamin T is not renewing the leases on 35 offices across the country, including its office space in Dallas. To help with the transition to fully remote work and keep its employees connected, Aquent/Vitamin T is creating morale boosting and engagement programs. They also hired a head of culture and community, a newly created position, who is helping to implement the work from home policy and create ways for employees to engage and connect. According to Chelsey Hasha Hershey, Regional Director, “Prior to the pandemic, our jobs were siloed in terms of supporting the region that we're in. And now during the pandemic, we’ve had opportunities to collaborate with our colleagues around the globe.”

This story originally broadcast on NBC/DFW KXAS.

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