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Download the November Desktop Wallpaper From Our 2017 Talent Calendar


It’s true, November is the month with the best beach weather.

That is, if you enjoy having the whole place to yourself (and whoever else you bring along.)

Whatever your beach preferences, kick off the month in style by decorating your desktop with a copy of “Falling Pier” by our talent Ralph Gioseffi.

(We thought you’d enjoy a break from cornucopias, pilgrims, and turkeys.)

Download a .zip file of November’s image for your desktop

RalphGioseffi - New Jersey - Falling_Pier

Ralph told us his image was taken on a cold November day at the Jersey Shore. “I love the contrast and completely different feeling than summer. I wanted to capture that in a photograph so I used a neutral density filter, which allows me to take a longer exposure, resulting in the milky blur effect of the ocean, swirling around the dilapidated pier.”

Growing up so close to New York City was a boon to Ralph’s otherwise suburban New Jersey upbringing. It meant his parents could whisk him away to see world class museums, galleries, and Broadway shows in just 20 minutes, which they began doing when he was a child.

He credits those trips as inspiration for getting him started in a career in the arts. He eventually found his focus in audio production and works today as an audio engineer and producer for ebooks, commercials, eLearning, and podcasts. But, he says, “I always found myself gravitating toward the visual medium in my spare time.”

Which is what led him to purchase his first “real” camera 15 years ago. Since then photography has become his passion. His stunning work is often a contrast of the natural world in rural New Jersey (where he now lives) with the gritty city just a few miles away.

Our thanks again to Ralph for sharing his artwork with us and the world and to everyone featured in our 2017 calendar.

Stay tuned for 2018!

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