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Download the January Desktop Wallpaper from our 2017 Calendar


Everyone off the track, the Talent Calendar is coming!

Back by popular demand, we’re happy to announce we’ll once again be making our desktop wallpaper downloads available in 2017.

Easier than decorating with antique, Portuguese tiles (and certainly a heck of a lot cheaper), each month we’ll post a brand new, beautiful background that’s suitable for... well, just about anything. But let’s stick to computer wallpapers for the time being.

To start the year off right, we’re offering Matthew Coglianese’s stunning “Chiraq Express Line”.

Download the .zip file of January’s artwork

A veteran graphic designer and Chicago native from the South Side, Matthew says he’s always been inspired by the diversity and culture of his city, something you can see in all his work.

His winning piece, shown below, looks great on desktops, but he admits that you need to see it printed on metal to really appreciate it.

Matthew Coglianese - Chicago - Chiraq_Express_Line

With his artwork, Matthew says he began shooting seriously in 2009, when a friend showed him an “HDR” photograph, which instantly sucked him into the world of digital photography.

“I was amazed with how vibrant, detailed and sharp the image was and absolutely had to know how to do that. Within a week or so I bought a my first DSLR (Pentax k20d) and taught myself how to do HDR photographs by bracketing and using Adobe Bridge.... I took just over 7,000 pictures experimenting a lot with HDR in that first year, with some 5,000 of those pictures coming from a 2 week, 2100 mile road trip across Italy, Germany, and France. I now try to do at least one trip a year to photograph new material for my artwork.”

HDR, if you’re not familiar, is a painstaking, post-processing task that involves using one, or a series of images combined, and adjusting the contrast ratios to do things that are virtually impossible with a single aperture and shutter speed. How painstaking? His Post Apolcalyptic Chicago 01 piece took over 50 hours of Photoshop work by itself.

Even with 15+ years of professional graphic design work under his belt, Matthew says he’s still incredibly passionate about his work and continuously strives to perfect his craft. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about Matt’s artwork, check out his YouTube interview.

Of course if you need a stellar creative like Matt, you know who to call!

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