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Download the December Desktop Wallpaper From Our 2017 Talent Calendar


‘Morning, sunshine!’

Um, or not.

If you feel just like this owl on most winter mornings, then you need to download December’s calendar wallpaper, “Good Morning” by our talent Christina Mastrull.

We think this illustration and a strong cup of coffee should help get your chilly day off to a good start.

Download a .zip file of December’s image for your desktop

ChristinaMastrull - Good_Morning 

Christina’s inspiration for this piece came via “a spark of pure abhorrence for the 6 am hour, when a couple birds decided to put on a concert for me.” If you’re guessing that the owl in this illustration might be the artist herself, give yourself a gold star. “My best hours of operation are typically during the afternoon and evening, so sometimes I can feel like that angry owl.”

Like many of her illustrations, “Good Morning” began as a black and white graphite pencil drawing which she then colored and finished up in Photoshop. The entire piece took a little over a week’s time to complete.

Christina’s had a passion for drawing for as long as she can remember. In fact, her parents say that she began her artistic career when she was only three years old. (Christina is careful to point out that her artwork during this period would best be characterized as “scribbling.”) Regardless, over the years she’s kept that passion, fine-tuned her skills, and launched a career as a successful designer and illustrator.

She finds inspiration in many artists, from the masters (Coles Phillips, J.C. Leyendecker) to their contemporary counterparts (Chris Van Allsburg, Mary GrandPré). She’s also inspired by the people that she sees in neighborhoods around Philadelphia. “I like to imagine myself in other people's shoes: who do they go home to at night, do they love or hate their job, who do they love and why, what do they regret, etc.”  And, of course, the occasional 6am wake up call from her feathered friends.

If you’d like to see more of her incredible artwork, be sure to visit her website.

Our thanks again to Christina for brightening up our December!

And thank YOU for downloading our Talent Calendar pieces this year.

We’ll have more downloads from our brand new 2018 calendar starting in January!

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