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Don't ditch your resume for a tweet just yet


Can your 2-page resume be replaced with 140 characters? No, but it might get you some attention you wouldn’t have otherwise received. According to Adweek, #TwitterJobChallenge is a good start!

It’s possible Brendan Dimitri’s cover letter, resume and portfolio could make it through HR and get passed on to a decision maker to be reviewed. But he may have found a faster way to get the hiring manager directly to his site. “@RGA Ad dude seeks a chance. Who is Brendan Dimitri? --> #twitterjobchallenge”. Some people are a bit more to the point and may command more curiosity “@ahitagni #Apple hire me #twitterjobchallenge”. Either way, these talent are likely bypassing a few steps to get attention.

I find and place many talent from my Twitter network. Sometimes they show up in a search for specific hashtags (#ux, #html #flash etc), or someone I’m following says they’re looking for work and I send them info on the opening I’m working to fill. Oftentimes talent in my network retweet my requests for particular skill sets and connect me with the right talent for open roles. Regardless of how it happens, it works. Even so, I’m certainly not going to put someone in front of my client based on a witty 140-character statement alone.

But they have my attention. The hardest part of a job search is getting in front of the decision maker. Twitter can be a creative way to do that. What happens once you have the hiring manager's attention? They ask for your resume.

Resumes are tangible. And even with LinkedIn or a personal website, more often than not clients want me to send them a talent’s work history (most often in resume format). How often do you buy a food product based on its creative label? Or go to a store because their commercial had a witty jingle? Hiring someone based on 140 characters would be the same thing.

So don’t toss your resume out just yet. Chances are you’ll need it when you get a call based on your tweet!

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