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Don’t Miss Out: Coding for Designers Registration Closes August 5th


If you’re an experienced designer looking to hone your web design skills and become “the designer developers love to work with,” then you’ve gotta sign up for Aquent Gymnasium's free online class Coding for Designers.

But you’ve got to hurry. Registration ends Monday, August 5th. Good news! The deadline has been extended until early September!

We already have nearly 7,000 people signed up, but we can still take on more attendees (it’s a REALLY big online classroom.)  We seem to be onto something, here’s actual quotes from actual students who are currently in the program.

"Onto the fifth lesson, all the lessons have been easy, much better designed than school classes I've taken." -Terri

"I just finished the first three lessons and am thrilled with the pace and progress. Going to take a break to soak it all in, but really excited about gaining the new skill set. The tutorials, assignment and resources are all really insightful. Nice work." -Britt

"Just want to thank you so much for the extremely well designed class videos. Pleasant to watch and listen to with a lot of good humor to lighten the load. Thank you for sending it to me, just what I needed." - Wanda

Not a designer looking to turn your comps into code? No prob. Gymnasium aims to have something for a wide range of digital professionals (two classes already on the launchpad include jQuery Shortcuts and Responsive Web Design).

To get the skinny on all upcoming courses, just sign up. There’s no obligation to take classes and it’s all at the low, low price of zero dollars and zero cents ($0.00)

And if you’re interested in a topic we haven’t covered, tweet your ideas to hashtag #AquentGymnasium or leave your comments here, and we’ll pass it onto our planners.


P.S. If you want a sneak peak at the Coding for Designers course:

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