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Didn’t Get to Jared Spool’s UI 19 Conference? You’re Still in Luck!


If you didn’t make it to Boston for UI19 this year to join Jared Spool, your Vitamin T crew, and hundreds of other User Experience aficionados for 3 days of rollicking good workshops and presentations, don’t despair, we’re happy to share with you Jared’s signature keynote, “It’s a Great Time To Be a UX Designer.”

Once you’re done watching and taking notes (he’s got a LOT of great info to share), you can get access to all the presentations from UI19 for only $99. That includes all these speakers and topics:

  • Screen Time: Multi-Device Design - Luke Wroblewski

  • What Video Games Teach Us about UX - Steph Hay

  • Service Design: Basic Tools and Insights - Marc Stickdorn

  • The Architecture of Understanding - Stephen Anderson

  • The Power of Principles - Kim Goodwin

  • UX Strategy Means Business - Jared Spool

  • The Transformative Power of Typography and Graphic Design - Tim Brown

  • The Complexity of Simplicity - Dan Saffer

  • Hunches, Instincts, and Trusting Your Gut - Leah Buley

After you’re done with all that, of course you’ll want to start planning to attend UI20 in 2015.

We’ll see you there!

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