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Denver, Here We Come!


Hello Denver,

We couldn't be more thrilled to announce that we've set up permanent shop in the Mile High City! (Admittedly, we're as dizzy with excitement as we are with the altitude.)

As a division of Aquent—which has been working with clients and talent in the Denver area for 27 years—we're proud to add our digital expertise and local team focus, and the support of the largest marketing and creative staffing organization in the world to the city’s mix!

Denver was recently listed #4 on the Forbes "Best Places for Business and Careers" list, which means cool companies are relocating there and the best digital talent are more in demand than ever.  This makes it the perfect time to expand our offerings in a city where businesses are growing so quickly and there's an urgent need for highly skilled talent. Here's what you can expect from Vitamin T in Denver:

For companies:

  • Access to top-notch local creative and marketing talent, from temporary assignments to direct hire services.
  • A robust screening process that includes a second-round screening from industry experts, so you can be sure the talent you're hiring have the skills to make an impact on your business.
  • Access to Talent Pool, where you can build your own pipeline of qualified freelancers, so you'll be ready when the next fire drill happens.

For talent:

  • Inspiring, engaging work in your field with some of Denver's most innovative companies.
  • Awesome perks like healthcare, retirement plans, and direct deposit.
  • Free online courses in web development, design, UX, and content creation, designed to keep your skills razor-sharp.

Can't wait to learn more about Vitamin T? You don't have to! We're proud to be sponsoring Creative Mornings' July event this Friday, July 20 at 8:30 a.m. at Soda Pop Garage. Come for the speaker and breakfast, stay to chat with Julie Hornett-Zaitz and Mark Johnson, the Vitamin T team that's shaking up Denver's creative talent scene.   

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