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Cut the Cubicle: 15 Coworking Spaces for the Ultimate Freelancer

Source: Workshop Cafe, San Francisco

The days of being confined in a traditional office or mercilessly guarding an outlet while working at a coffee shop are over. Fun, stimulating and inspiring collaborative work spaces are on the rise all over the world and are cultivating a new, and effective way to work for freelancers and entrepreneurs of all industries.

Here’s a few of our favorite coworking spaces!



  • Link Coworking : One visit to Link and you'll know why we chose it as one of Austin’s top coworking spaces. The space is as bright as their friendly staff and awesome members. You can also get FREE coffee at Link, without the obnoxious coffee shop crowds.

  • Vuka :The open floor plan and big but cozy warehouse-y space makes Vuka the perfect place for you to get your work on in an industrial setting and doubles as a fun event space. Vuka has free guest WiFi and a yard for you to take a breather and recharge.

  • Createscape: Only a 10 minute drive from Downtown Austin makes Createscape a convenient coworking space with great vibes. Free snacks/coffee + a community eager to help = coworking space heaven. They are also known to throw pretty awesome happy hours and events for their coworker community to help create a community environment.  



  • Oficio : Oficio is an inspiring space with a rotating art gallery and views of bustling Newbury Street just outside your window. The staff prides itself in creating the perfect blend of professionalism and productivity all with a splash of creativity in a well-designed space. Also, Oficio’s coffee game = strong... plenty of free espresso!

  • Workbar : Workbar’s flexible workspaces provide the right balance of concentration and collaboration with others. This can definitely be seen through all its amenities: conference rooms, private phone booths, and plenty of wall space to for those epic brainstorm charts. Most importantly, Workbar is not just a place to work, it’s a place to meet fellow collaborators.

  • NGIN Workspace : It’s all about the perks at NGIN. You’re an entrepreneur, which means a healthy lifestyle might be a little difficult to keep up with. From carefully selected organic snacks & organized team runs, to weekly in-office Yoga & CrossFit, NGIN has your well-being covered!

New York


  • WeWork : WeWork might be the best-known coworking space in New York City and for good reason. They have a total of 19 gorgeous locations all over Manhattan and Brooklyn for you to choose from. Just make sure to get there early to grab a spot, they go quick!

  • Alleynyc : The modern space is ripe with opportunities, ideas, and networking events. The staff is also available to meet your coworking space needs or to help you organize a networking event. Their offices also have plenty of natural light, which is often an overlooked perk in the concrete jungle of New York City.

  • COWORK|RS : From the insanely fast WiFi to the free beer and coffee and social events, it’s apparent that COWORK|RS was created by a core group of passionate and driven entrepreneurs who believe that where you work should contribute to your business success. The space is definitely pleasing to the eye with exposed brick, huge windows (natural sunlight!) and a modern, artsy vibe.

San Francisco


  • Citizen Spaces : Citizen Spaces takes the perks of a coffee shop (social, energetic and, yes, coffee) and of a workspace (productive, functional) and combine them to give indie workers the chance to have their own affordable space.

  • Parisoma : A great coworking space with awesome Wifi and an amazing community of startups that make you feel at home. They also serve breakfast on Fridays to their members. Creative collaboration with a chance of breakfast burritos? Sign us up!

  • Workshop Cafe : Stumptown coffee and first 10 hours of workspace FREE. Need we say more?



  • Impact Hub : Impact Hub believes in a better world through inspiring entrepreneurship, and through community, space and educational events. The space is located in the awesome historic Pioneer Square landmark, literally placing you in the heart of the town’s community and history.

  • Office Nomads : A less than 10 minute drive from Downtown Seattle and steps away from Cal Anderson Park, Office Nomads is the ideal place for you to cultivate your creativity in Capitol Hill. The staff believes in creating a strong platform for their community to thrive and that collaboration will always be stronger than competition. We can’t argue with that!

  • The Pioneer Collective: This well thought out and gorgeous space is right in the heart of Pioneer Square. Created by a husband and wife team passionate about design, the Pioneer Collective is a shared workspace project intended to bring inspiration and productivity back into the office environment. Who can say no to working in a comfortable mid century modern chair while sipping on some free coffee

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