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Creative Talent of the Week, Seattle (8.20.15)


The Pacific Northwest is scorching with creative talent. Check them out in this week's Talent of the Week showcase of our Seattle market.

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Jill is a dynamic UI Designer who brings experience from Google and Microsoft. While at Google, she worked as an Interactive/Visual Designer and—most recently with Microsoft—she was appointed as the lead designer on the External Storage portion of the system for Xbox One. She worked on designing an infographic that would make it possible for users to not only view their content, but access it as well. Her manager and team were so pleased with the outcome that it was implemented into the system and earned a design patent. Jill is energetic, enthusiastic, and not afraid to take on challenges by bringing user centric design solutions to the table!


Zaid is fascinated with people and the problems they face. He recently wrapped up at Expedia as an Interaction Designer, improving search results and product detail pages for the hotels experience team. He has experience working at Microsoft (Xbox), working as a contractor on the Xbox EDP Shell and Apps Design team. He gets excited about creating products and services that improve the lives of users. He has done visual design for web, mobile, and rich client applications, and has a history of working closely with developers on the implementation and specs. While he was at Revelation Global, he created a fresh user experience and visual design for both web and mobile versions of the company's market research application.


Tim is a Graphic Designer with strong agency experience. He's been working on UI design, packaging, branding, and marketing campaign assets as the sole designer on his current team. He began his career in his current company as a Production Artist and now he owns the entire UI. Tim manages research, ideation, wireframes down to the color schemes based on the users’ needs. He is a quick learner, extremely personable with a clean aesthetic. He is hungry for larger projects and would be a great addition to any project.


Michael is very familiar with HTML and CSS syntax and has built a number of projects from the ground up. He brings agency experience and is about to wrap up a project at Microsoft. He is excited for his next challenge and won’t be on the market for long!


Ed is a Content Strategist and Digital Media Manager with a background in copywriting, social media, website management, SEO, project management, and user testing. He’s written, edited, tested, and distributed email marketing campaigns; edited website copy in order to ensure audience engagement; served as Project Manager for the redesign of a major non-profit’s website and app; and more! Ed believes every problem has a solution and he'll find it, especially when no one else can.

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