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Creative Talent of the Week, San Diego (12.03.15)


Ready for the holidays? Offices will soon be bare, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep projects moving along with the gift of Vitamin T talent!

Check out this week's list of available superstars from our San Diego location.

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Matt is a UX Designer with a background in graphic design. He has been working for a small company handling their Information Architecture, Usability Testing, and Interaction Design. His strength includes: Design Thinking, User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Graphic Design, Contextual Research, Design Strategy, Interaction Design, Design Management, Branding, Visualization, and User Centered Design. He is very diligent about his work, and is always motivated to learn more with every project. Would you like to learn more about Matt?


James is a highly intelligent Web Developer who is equally comfortable crafting beautiful visuals with Sass/CSS3 as he is normalizing a MySQL Database in conjunction with a PHP framework like Laravel. James is working at advanced levels in the majority of key areas. His CSS3 and HTML5 code is tightly written and well-organized. He can easily recreate mockups pixel-for-pixel with custom written markup or a combination of custom CSS and a framework like Bootstrap to get things up-and-running quickly. He is very advanced with jQuery, which he can use for DOM manipulation; traversal; event handling and Ajax calls to the server. James is proficient with JavaScript and can write low-level code to solve problems and for the handling of business logic. He has used JS frameworks like Angular and understands the roles that Services, Controllers and Directives play in the creation of maintainable single-page applications. Where James really shines is with complex projects that require out-of-the-box data visualizations – his work on is impressive to say the least. He is familiar with D3 and a few other charting libraries. Combine this with his ability to craft custom PHP backends using frameworks like Laravel and you have a versatile LAMP stack developer that can deliver complete solutions from back-to-front. It should be mentioned that James is also a veteran of Agile software development and is able to jump into that type of environment with ease. Interested in hearing more about James?


April offers excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills underscored by strong conceptual and design capabilities. She is ambitious and a self-motivated team player with a great attitude that fits any work environment. Multi-tasking, working well under pressure and meeting deadlines have been the key to her success. She has deep experience in design and production using Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and all Office programs as well as a working knowledge of other popular design and multimedia-based software including social media. Would you like to see Angela’s work?


Brwynn is a detail-oriented individual and a great asset to any team. She is a dedicated worker who is extremely organized. Brwynn has worked with clients in industries such as entertainment, telecommunication, and CPG. In her previous roles, she developed marketing plans and provided recommendations for market entry strategies including social media strategy and press opportunities. She also developed consistent brand messaging and story for websites, marketing materials and social media channels. Interested in learning more about Brwynn?


Cari is a talented, multi-disciplined individual with strong copywriting, fashion/lifestyle journalism and blogging experience in both digital and print arenas, in addition to marketing/public relations and retail management experience. She specializes in multitasking with excellent written and verbal communication skills, creativity, and critical thinking. Cari's work can be seen in San Diego Magazine, New York, AOL and more. She embraces words like ingenuity, energy, tenacity, passion, teamwork, initiative, enterprise, creativity and drive. Would you like to see Cari’s work?

Interested in any of the talent above?

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