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Creative Talent of the Week, NYC (8.27.15)


Think it's hot in NYC? Then you haven't seen this week's red-hot creative talent from the city that never sleeps. 

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Max is an Interaction Design student at the School of Visual Arts. He will be graduating in May and in the meantime, is looking to pick-up some UX/Research/Design work. As a native New Yorker, Max is a zealot for observing how we interact and experience the world around us. Max spent this past summer in San Francisco at Google's Youtube office as a User Experience Design Intern. He worked closely with the music team on mobile and desktop and produced prototypes, designs, and motion visuals for user testing.


Evelyn is a UX/UI designer that recently finished an immersive course at General Assembly. She has worked on projects from e-commerce sites, to responsive doing all of the persona profiles, user flows and wireframes. She would love to continue developing her user interface and user research skills in her next opportunity.


Douglas is a former journalist turned copywriter, editor, and creative producer with 10 years of experience in the film & television, magazine, newspaper, and marketing & communications world. He is a creative problem solver and expert storyteller with a focus on distilling complex ideas into cohesive engaging narratives, helping clients fulfill their vision from concept to production. Douglas has written hundreds of articles on everything from pop culture to science and worked with a wide range of corporate clients as creative director, copywriter, speechwriter, editor, and video producer (Conde Nast, Nintendo, Panasonic, Essilor, and Novartis among others). In addition to copywriting and video production, his areas of expertise include all stages of editing (developmental editing, line editing, copyediting), magazine layout, art direction, and project management.


Yunmin is a talented Jr Graphic Designer candidate and a Pratt Institute Grad class 2015! She has completed graphics internships at CBS Inside Edition and LavaMap. Her focus is on print design, creating logos, posters, ads for print, brochures, etc.


John is a talented and experienced Developer who focuses primarily on Front End, but is also considered as a strong Full Stack Developer. He is advanced in terms of his experience with the LAMP stack, and knows how to hand code HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/Jquery, Bootstrap, Angular and Python. He is personable, friendly, and easy to work with.

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